Snow Removal

24-7 Snow Response

D&P Snow Removal specializes in:

  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Residential Communities
  • Industrial Centers
  • Health Centers
  • Hospitals and Health Facilities
  • Large Parking Areas


SIMA = Snow and Ice Management Association SIMA promotes ethical, efficient and environmentally sound risk management for all of its members.

D&P is a CSP (Certified Snow Professional) and a SIMA Certified Company

As a SIMA Certified company, D&P takes serious measures to ensure that no risk falls on our clients:

  • D&P carries all proper insurances
  • We provide comparable references
  • We provide FREE Estimates
  • Proper contracts are executed with every client
  • We clearly define and explain our pricing options


Magic Salt is an ECO-Friendly Salt-Brine material. Use of Magic Salt results in substantial reduction of the volume of material required for de-icing applications. Magic Salt is economically superior. Because it works better and lasts longer, less Magic Salt is required to displace an equal amount of ice or snow than with any other ice melting substance, at any price.

  • Twice as much ordinary rock salt is required to produce the same effects.
  • Three times (or more) as much sand/salt (60/40) mix is required to equal Magic Salt.
  • All salt we spread is sprayed, which means that it activates at lower temperatures.
  • D&P stores our own salt, never in danger of shortage.

Snow Removal Pricing

Snow Removal Services are priced by:

1. Per Hour / Per Truck
2. Per Push
3. Per Season
4. Per Inch

*Call in advance of this winter season to discuss which pricing option is right for you!